Our Vision

The vision of Rajput Town Social Welfare Society is to strengthen the social development process particularly in rural community and society as a whole through multi-sectoral approaches targeting the poorest of the poor and to empower the community groups who has always been neglected in the past, through their participation to those stage of self-reliance.

The Mission of Rajput Town Social Welfare Society is to Support all those activities which lead towards the Scio-economic development of the country.

Rajput Town Social Welfare Society is an objective based organization. The organization was incepted to pursue the following following objectives

  • To promote Education and Literacy
  • Provision of health facilities
  • Women empowerment through literacy and vocational trainings
  • Elimination of child labor
  • Capacity building of NGOs/ CBOs women & youth community
  • Community mobilization &organization
  • Advocacy regarding the social issues.